Feb 21, 2008

Best Sushi in Brooklyn

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Who can resist the fresh, tasty, healthy (except tuna these days) taste of sushi! My wife and I love to explore the sushi restaurants in Brooklyn and I have put together a list of the top places.

Ki Sushi
Smith Street, Brooklyn
My Favorite! The Live Sea Scallop flown in from Toykyo is amazing. I alomost didn't want to tell you all b/c i don't want it eaten by the time I get there tonight.

8716 3rd Ave , Brooklyn
Exotically decorated Bay Ridge restaurant serves sushi and Thai in a casual dining room, dim downstairs lounge and garden patio

Planet Thailand
133 N 7th St , Williamsburg Brooklyn
Good for birthdays

Iron Chef House
92 Clark St , Brooklyn

Taro Sushi NY
446 Dean St, Park Slope Brooklyn

#1 on Yelp

Blue Ribbon Sushi Brooklyn
278 Fifth Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn

659 Washington Avenue, Prospect Heights Brooklyn

Sapporo Haru Japanese Restaurant
622 Manhattan Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Sushi D
207 Dekalb Ave, Fort Greene, Brooklyn

What's your favorite spot?

Feb 19, 2008

Number One Video tagged Brooklyn

On YouTube the number one video tagged Brooklyn is Mario: Game Over.

Best of Brooklyn - Top Posts

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The Photo above is the most interesting photo for Brooklyn on Flickr

Feb 18, 2008

Best Wine Stores In Brooklyn

Married to a French woman changes your eating and drinking habits significantly. One of the best things is that the function of foods is no longer the main reason you eat. The social aspect of food and drink is more important than the fact that you are hungry and want to eat something. The expression "I'm Full" is considered vulgar because it implies that you eat and drink to fill up your belly and once you hit the F on the tank that was on E before you made it to the end. The act of buying wine is so important to the French that it can take up to thirty minutes to make a decision in the wine store (sometimes more). I find myself reading labels and trying to decide what I should get carefully because it is part of the fun but also it is important to understand what kinds of wine you are getting and why wine costs what it costs. There are a number of great wine stores in Brooklyn and I have put together a list of my favorites here for your enjoyment. Take your time a happy hunting!

I am sure everyone has their spot and I would love to hear from you!

Feb 2, 2008

What is the best thing about Brooklyn?

This question has been asked to me many times and as we all know that is a loaded question with multiple answers. Some say the food, others say the people and even some say the trees! I thought about it over and over and it comes down to one thing for me. It comes down to the ability to live in a major metropolitan area and not have to raise you kids in an oppressive urban environment. I detest the suburbs and could not even fathom the thought of living there in a sheltered environment just for my kids. So in the end it is a mixture of all of these things. The trees provide the environment and the hint of nature that is non-existent across the river, the people provide strong unique connections and the best food for reasonable rates and so in the end you have a place that is full of real families from all kinds of places. It seems that Manhattan has turned into a place of the really rich and the really poor and is becoming more like the rest of the country than the democratic ideals of Brooklyn. I guess that’s what happens when you have two Republican mayors back to back. So you might ask, why are you telling us this? The real reason is that I am going to be a father in May and the thought of having my first child gets me thinking about many things. The first is my environment and the boro of Brooklyn. I have posted before about The Best Things to Do with Kids in Brooklyn and that post is one of the number one posts on this blog. It seems that everyone is looking for the best things for kids. There are families everywhere here. Brownstones and Brownstones full of families and so now that the baby is on the way it opens up a whole new universe. So from now on this blog will be bringing you the very best of Brooklyn and especially things for babies and children to do! I look forward to your participation in this discussion and enjoy!

Feb 1, 2008

Best Brooklyn Wrestlers

PSFK brings us an amazing slide show taken by photographer Bryan Derballa.
It brings together the high school kids and wanna-be professional wrestlers from Brooklyn! Awesome!

For some deep reading try Roland Barthes essay on the age old sport