Aug 3, 2009

Best Real Mexican Tacos

The "real" Mexican Taco battles are heating up in Carroll Gardens. Two new players on the scene. Oaxaca (Smith) and Calexico (Union). Both have their strengths and advocates. I would say that Oaxaca wins on almost every front. The service from the owner Moe, who I knew from his days at Lobo and his team is top notch and you can tell that this place has passion for their product and the simple yet oddly tasteful decoration is much more authentic and fun. My only complaint with Oaxaca is that their chips are not up to snuff with the rest of their food, maybe that is the plan to get you to focus on the tacos? The corn while delicious is missing that grilled taste that you get at the masters of Cafe Habana. Both places are worth a visit and I still think that the Carne Asada taco at Buddys (Court) is still tremendous while you wait for your movie but now this place seems so out of touch with the authentic Mexican flavors coming to the area. We are still not in California but we are getting close.


Anonymous said...

Fast and Fresh Deli on Hoyt between State and Atlantic would win this hands down. Lunch Tacos only, but easily the best in the neighborhood.

Jon Cronin said...

Have to check them out!