Sep 3, 2009

Best of Brooklyn: Real estate deals, neighborhoods, quirks and more (Daily News)

Below I have summarized a recent article from the Daily News about the Best Things about Brooklyn Real Estate. The article is obviously coming from the developers perspective and we can agree or disagree with the new face of changing Brooklyn development, but I though the article was an interesting take on the collaboration between the developers and the press. Do you agree with the article?

Brooklyn can be addicting. Once you get there, it keeps you. It’s got brownstones like no other place in the world, small parks, beach towns, rugged warehouse districts and Coney Island. It’s got an intellectual depth and a history that the other boroughs can’t touch. “The Lords of Flatbush,” Flatlands Ave., the Navy Yard, Sheepshead Bay and a downtown that may soon have the Brooklyn Nets.

Here’s a look at what’s what in this changing borough, which on its own would be the fourth-largest city in America.
1. Best New Design: Toren, downtown Brooklyn
“We wanted to build a tower like no other,” says Donald Capoccia, a partner in BFC Partners, the development team behind the building. It will also be LEED-certified, which is sometimes overlooked because of the building’s striking design.
2. Best value, new condo: Be@Schermerhorn & Absolute
“These are the best prices for new construction of this quality,” says developer Mario Procida of SDS Procida. “Nothing can even touch this in terms of what you get for what you pay for.” Go to Honorable mention goes to the Absolute (pictured) in Clinton Hill
3. Best-Value Neighborhood: Kensington
Called K-Town by some, Kensington combines an urban feel with row-house living. The chess players on Ocean Parkway give the neighborhood a feel distinct from its more upscale neighbors Midwood and Windsor Terrace. You get a lot for your real-estate dollar here.
The neighborhood also has its own watchdog. Two friends run to monitor growth and highlight such things as local authors, new restaurants and real-estate moves.
4. Best Home for LeBron James: Clinton Ave. near DeKalb  If and when Atlantic Yards happens and the Nets bring LeBron James to Brooklyn, the superstar can walk to work from this turn-of-the century mini-castle on Clinton Ave. It’ll cost him only around $4 million
5. Most argumentative ’hood: Park SlopeWhile the old-timers still complain about newbies not keeping their stoops clean and double-parking, the newcomers have finally found their own thing to fight about — whether or not should charge a $25 fee. It doesn’t matter what they’re arguing about, these people have too much time on their hands. With more development coming to Fourth Ave., we’re sure you’ll see a slew of protests soon from this neighborhood where residents like to take on causes and everyone thinks they’re smarter than the next person.
6. City’s best golfing: Dyker Heights
Overlooking the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the course is open all year round. Tiger Woods’ father taught himself to play on this course while he was stationed at the nearby Fort Hamilton Army base.
7. Coolest beach town: Gerritsen Beach
7A tiny community bordering Sheepshead Bay, this could be New York’s answer to cool California-type living.
8.  Most forgotten: Brooklyn Heights
Amidst all the hoopla surrounding too-cool-for-school Williamsburg, soccer moms in Park Slope and over-development of downtown, Brooklyn Heights just keeps getting more charming. It’s not Brooklyn’s answer to the upper East Side. It’s better than that, with dogwood and cherry trees lining the streets and multicolored townhouses next to 17th-century stables converted into small homes. The most expensive neighborhood in the borough, it gets better with time.
9. Hottest building in hip ’HOOD: The Rialto in Williamsburg
Williamsburg may still be full of plaid pants and coffee shops where the regulars detest “Gossip Girl,” but there are pockets of very fine living. The Rialto, a conversion of a historic carriage house on N. Fifth St., is built for people who appreciate space no matter where it is.
10. Best retail space: One Hanson Place
11. Best park to live on: Monsignor McGolrick Park
It’s serene on this Grenpoint park watching older Polish gentleman in suits and berets walk their wives to grocery stores. This is as small-town as Brooklyn can get.
12. Best disappearing antiques area: Atlantic Ave.
13. Best rentals, NOT Craigslist: Kings & Queens Properties for all the listings.
14. Most Underrated ’hood: Prospect-Lefferts Gardens

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