Apr 22, 2010

Freddy's Bar - Last Call for Prospect Heights Institution

Freddy's Bar and Backroom will hold its last call at the end of this month (April 2010), as the Forester City Ratner Atlantic Yards project moves forward. This was a Prospect Heights institution for many and with its characters and regulars, has become a home-base for the fight against the project. Many had previously vowed to chain themselves to the bar, but have recently changed their tune to a more peaceful protest. The final standout for the project, head of Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, Daniel Goldstein has taken the money and ran, with a 3 million dollar payout for his 590,000 apartment. This is probably the final nail in the coffin for the protest and will make way for the building of the Barclay's Arena and the sale of the New Jersey Nets to the Russian billionare Mikhail Prokhorov. For many this is a relief to get this project moving, for others it is the end of the community fight for the preservation of neighborhood. "Change is hard" - Barack Obama

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Apr 15, 2010

Brooklyn Rules NY Magazine's Best Nabe List


New York Magazine recently came out with their rankings of top 50 NYC neighborhoods and guess who dominated the top 10?
This is how the broke down their rankings:

Housing Cost: 25%, Transit: 13%, Shopping and Services: 9%, Safety: 8% Restaurants: 8%, Schools: 6% Diversity: 6%, Creative Capital: 6%, Housing Quality: 5%, Green Space: 5%, Health and Environment: 5%, Nightlife: 4%.

1. Park Slope
2. L.E.S.
3. Sunnyside, Queens
4. Cobble Hill & Boerum Hill
5. Greenpoint
6. Brooklyn Heights
7. Carroll Gardens & Gowanus
8. Murray Hill
9. Prospect Heights
10. East Village

Apr 14, 2010

The Bell House - Most Unique Music Venue in Brooklyn

If you have been in South Brooklyn recently at night, and have used foursquare then you may have seen a trending topic almost every night for a place called "The Bell House". Hidden deep in Gowanus, this unique gem is a 1920's warehouse converted into a magnificent two-room music and events venue. 25-foot wooden arched ceilings, a 450-square foot stage, and unobstructed views from any part of the room. The Front(ier) Room serves a wide variety of local and independent drafts, top-shelf bourbons and an assortment of signature cocktails and is open 7 nights a week, from 5pm to 4am. The place has been around since 2008, but it still captures that underground feel and is a great place to spend an night out.

What do you think about the Bell House?

The Bell House
149 7th St

(between 2nd Ave & 3rd Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 643-6510

Apr 13, 2010

Best Restaurants in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Image from The Vanderbilt

Here is a list of the top ten best restaurants in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. While there are many fabulous places to eat in this diverse and delicious neighborhood, there are a few that stand out from the rest. What do you think about this list? Do you agree? Let us know!

1. Frannys (Best Environmentally Responsible Restaurant)
2. Le Gamin Cafe (Best French/Crepe)
3. James (Best Neighborhood Feel)
4. The Vanderbilt (Best Hors D’oeuvres/Drinks)
5. Cornelius (Best Oysters)
6. Beast (Best Brunch and Jazz)
7. Chavellas (Best Authentic Mexican)
8. Tom's (Best Old School Diner)
9. Gen (Best Sushi)
10. Rawstar (Best Caribbean Food)

Apr 12, 2010

Prospect Heights - Best "New" Neighborhood in Brooklyn

Neighborhood Spotlight: Prospect Heights

While we all know that Prospect Heights isn't a new neighborhood at all, but it is rapidly shifting and becoming a place where the professional creative class is mixing with the diverse neighborhood locals to form a vibrant community. If you compare it to other neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Prospect Heights is intimate and notable for its cultural diversity, tree-lined streets exemplified, perfect location. It has a mixture of older buildings under reconstruction, rows of classic 1890s brownstones, and newly built luxury condominiums.

Some Bullets Summarized from Wikipedia
  • The name "Prospect Heights" can be traced as far back as 1889 to a letter to the editor published in the Brooklyn Eagle 
  • Largely an Italian, Jewish, and German neighborhood in the 1910s through the 1950s
  • Prospect Heights is currently well known for its mixed black and white culture.
  • Every year the West Indian Day Parade, the largest annual parade in New York City, follows Eastern Parkway, beginning in Crown Heights and ending at Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Heights.
  • A thriving commercial zone has emerged along Vanderbilt Avenue, which in just the last few years has been the location for new bars, restaurants and specialty shops.
  • Because of the area's density of Italianate and Neo-Grec rowhouses, much of the neighborhood has been designated as a New York City historic district.
  • It is the fifth largest historic district in New York City.
  • To its north lies Fort Greene, to the south, Prospect Park, to its west, Park Slope and to its east, Crown Heights.
  • Atlantic Yards Project including Barclays Arena will form the Northern border from Faltbush to Vanderbilt along Atlantic.
 Some Prospect Heights Attractions
All in all, Prospect heights is on it's way to becoming the true cultural and creative center on Brooklyn and is the best place to spend a day (or two, or three) discovering. Do you live in or around Prospect Heights, what is your favorite thing about it?

Apr 9, 2010

Woodwork - Best New Soccer Bar in Brooklyn

When you first meet Ross Greenberg you can't help noticing that he is a true local - friendly, talkative with a genuine Brooklyn demeanor. But if you chat with him while he prepares food for his soccer fanatic patrons, you begin to see that he has seen a lot of the world and knows what's what. He might tell you that he was an assistant to a famous French chef in the South of France or that he lived in Italy for a while working with chefs and then his place Woodwork all starts to make sense. Woodwork is not your ordinary Soccer bar. Ross descibes the bar as " a sexy soccer bar, serving foodie and footie fans alike". The menu is focused and delicious (try the waffles) - the beer, whiskeys and overall service is tight and friendly. The location Dean and Vanderbilt, in Prospect Heights, is truly the next new renaissance in Brooklyn and Ross's timing is perfect. There are many speculations about what they may build across the the street, in the South-Eastern tip of the Atlantic Yards project, but Ross (and many others) know that this neighborhood, in particular Vanderbilt Street is on it's way to the top. With it's proximity to Prospect Park, BAM, The Brooklyn Museum, Barclay's Arena, Botanical Gardens, Grand Army Plaza Farmers Market and Atlantic Center, Prospect Heights has become one of Brooklyn's exciting new neighborhoods. Woodwork will reap the benefits of this years WorldCup and he even has plans to hold street fairs dedicated to Soccer events on the Sunday's during the tournament. He says that Brooklyn is international and that Soccer is one of the greatest ways to truly bring other countries together, more than any other sport. The crowd in Woodwork represents this spirit, the spirit of Brooklyn - International and growing.
Here is a blurb from their website:

Located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, Woodwork is the brainchild of Chef Ross Greenberg, who teamed up with Master Wood Carpenter and beer enthusiast Eric Bernstein, a Prospect Heights resident, to build a sexy soccer bar, serving foodie and footie fanatics alike.
Soccer or Futbol is played amongst every culture and in every neighborhood, but this beautiful game has always been a big part of New York City. Even Prospect Heights-raised sports caster Howard Cossell was quoted in 1977 as saying,
"Soccer will be the biggest big league of all."

Have you been to Woodwork? What do you think?