May 2, 2008

Hibino - Best Japanese Food in Brooklyn

Fresh Made Tofu - Hibino Style, originally uploaded by HIBINO Brooklyn.

I write this review with reluctance. I fear that each time I write about a place that I truly like I am making it more difficult to get a seat at my favorite places. But, this is the world of the social Internet and it is important to spread the love around. That being said, i start by saying Japanese food. Not Sushi. In fact I didn't eat any sushi tonight at my new favorite restaurant. Hibino is a hidden neighborhood joint with the recipes transported direct from Kyoto. Each dish melts in your mouth and the service is sharp and relaxed at the same time. The kitchen moves in sync - but -at a very considered pace and the dishes come out one after another in a deliberate progression that makes each one stand out among the whole. The homemade tofu defies gravity and exceeds expectations - beyond belief. I didn't think I really liked tofu before. I guess I never had the real thing! They don't take reservations so get their early, put your name in and then get a drink at nearby Last Exit. Enjoy!