All the Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

NASA_photo_of_Brooklyn, originally uploaded by Jon Cronin.

I have taken the list of all neighborhoods from Wikipedia and integrated their location from Google Maps. Have you ever heard of Pigstown? Or Weeksville? What about Rugby or Plum Beach? I am fascinated by the number of neighborhoods inside this amazing borough and I hope you have as much fun trying to test your location skills as I did.

Please let me know in the comment section here what part of Brooklyn you are from and what do you love about it and what do you hate?

Also here is a Google Map hack that will let you zoom even further into the map. Find a location. Then switch to satellite view and click the "link to this page" URL (top right). Then make change the number after the "z=" in your URL to a higher number and you will get images that can look in your backyard.


Richard said…
I grew up on East 56th Street between Avenue O and Fillmore Avenue. There was no one name for our neighborhood, but one city guide came the closest to what I see in real estate ads for the area: Old Mill Basin. Sometimes it was considered Flatlands, which is mostly slightly to the north; sometimes it was considered Mill Basin, though in my mind that was the newer, wealthier neighborhood of mostly detached homes starting on Avenue U past Mill Avenue.

When the Kings Plaza shopping center opened in September 1970 -- about three or four blocks away, on Avenue U stretching from Flatbush Avenue to East 54th Street -- people started calling the neighborhood "Kings Plaza."
Matt said…
Where do those Google Maps neighborhood names come from? Looking at the Chicago map I'm more familiar with, I have never heard of most of them. I don't think they exist in real life.
I remember hearing how Rand McNally used to add errors to its maps as a copyright protection: they could easily identify when another map company had stolen their data from the unique errors. Maybe these neighborhood names are the same.
Alison said…
This is an amazing bit of work here. Thanks! I fell upon this post when I was trying, once again, to figure out which Section of Brooklyn a particular address is.

If I have the address, and I want to figure out the section. Do you know how/where I would do that?
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