A Shamrock Grows In Brooklyn!

As St. Patrick’s day approaches I have decided to dive back into my roots (last name Cronin) to explore the Irish side of this diverse borough. We all know of the Manhattan parade and although it may have the size the Brooklyn version is on Sunday March 18th and it has a lot of flavor!
“The turn of the century also witnessed an influx of Irish immigrants. The northern edge of Fort Greene, a center for the growing Irish community, was dubbed Vinegar Hill, after a tragic last stand in the failed Irish Rebellion of 1798. Many of these Irish immigrants found work in the small factories that grew up along the waterfront and in the new Navy Yard.”Thirteen.org
Irish Bars & Pubs.

Irish Neighborhoods of Brooklyn

Some Famous Irish people from Brooklyn
If you have any more Pubs, Famous Irish Brooklynites, Irish Neighborhoods or anything Irish whatsoever please leave me a comment below and I will add it to the list!


Anonymous said…
Don't overlook one of Brooklyn's greatest Irish landmarks- Our Lady of Perpetual Help (O.L.P.H.). It has a remarkable history of Irish-Americans in Brooklyn. It is also one of only two churchs designated as a bassilica in the US. A bassilica is the "Pope's personal church". O.L.P.H. was selected over a far more internationally famous church- St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan.