Best Restaurants on Smith Street, Brooklyn

Brooklyn isn’t just about pizza! After living on Smith Street for over 7 years I have decided to make a list of the top 10 restaurants ranked in order from top to bottom. Keep in mind that there are many more great restaurants in the neighborhood but these are the ten that I spend my money in regularly.
1. The Grocery (Get the Tasting Menu)
2. Saul (Star in Michelin Guide)
3. Patois (Best Steak – Price Fixe)
4. Chestnut (Great Brunch)
5. Bar Tabac (Best Late Nite)
6. Panino'teca (Best Place to Eat at the Bar)
7. Robin des Bois (Best Atmosphere and Garden)
8. Zaytoons (Best Healthy Meal)
9. Hanco’s (Best Lunch)
10.Pacifico (Best Mexican)
For a complete list of restaurants go here.


Daniel said…
I don't think Grocery is the best restaurant in the area but I've only eaten there once and wasn't blown away. I really like the Robin du bois place we had brunch there recently. Glad you liked the photo from Boca Lupo.
Hi-O said…
Saul is pretty awesome as well. I like the grocery's food although the people that work there sometimes have an attitude.
Brooklyn Salt said…
Pacifico is OK, but there is WAY better Mexican in the Hood.

Fast & Fresh Deli, located on Hoyt St. (across from Kili), has the best Mexican in the area and its cheap-a-roo too. Their tacos are to die for and be sure to ask for the specials. Its a lunch spot, so if you want dinner, I guess you'll have to slum it to Pacifico.

I'm surprised you didn't rate any pizza joints on there?
Anonymous said…
though might not totally agree with the it, I think it's a great list and pretty much spot on.
Hi-O said…
I agree with you brooklyn salt, but this was just for smith street. I am going to do a boerum hill round-up and include some of the off smith street hidden gems.
I liked Chestnut for dinner and we sat outside in their courtyard, which was really nice. I need to explore other restaurants on Smith.
I have heard such great things about Grocery but my fear is that it is overhyped.

What about sushi? What do you recommend?

I like your blog btw and will add it to my blogroll.
Hi-O said…
The Grocery is an interesting experience. The price can get expensive but you will taste some delicious and unique dishes. Chestnut has the best shrimp wrapped in potato thins - mmmmm - getting hungry just thinking about them.

Thank for adding me to you list - I will repay the favor.
Love the list, I wonder if there is an updated version. Many restaurants are good at their outset then lose quality. We are from the compound in Bed-Stuy and many in our community go out to eat down there. My hubby loves Bar Tabac, I feel some things are over priced, I like some of APT he still thinks they have the best Apple Crisp, ate at Saul I believe it was good, but can't remember so that's not a good sign. May try grocery tonight for my birthday but hesitant. Jolie had a really great tasting menu on monday awhile ago on atlantic and the vietnamese sandwiches on atlantic are great as well. Hope you will venture out to Bed Stuy some day, we have really great charity parties in the summer stay tuned for the second saturdays!
Julie Kelly said…
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