Top Musicians from Brooklyn

Mos Def, originally uploaded by dreadfuldan.

Brooklyn Musicians range far and wide. The roots of the borough are steeped in musical tradition. A place to incubate and grow your unique style freely. The list is much longer than this one below but I wanted to start it off. There are so many musicians from Brooklyn that I am going to need all of your help to get this full and robust so please comment here and let me know who is missing!

Top Musicians from Brooklyn


Anonymous said…
Neil Diamond wrote the best song about Brooklyn ever-"Brooklyn Roads".

also from Brooklyn-They Might Be Giants.
Yo, Jon thanks for posting the Biggie photo. I found it on the Net and it was unattributed so don't give me the credit. Anything I can do to lift up Big and Brooklyn (go Netts!) I am down for! You have a great blog.

Keith Boseman

Come visit us at or visit my blog, La Avventura at Blogger.
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