5 Boro Bike Tour

Autumn Cycle, originally uploaded by moriza.

This week-end I put air in the tires of my bike and did my first official bike tour of the year. I drove around Brooklyn Heights, then down to Dumbo and then through Red Hook. I had a blast! The time has come to skip the taxis, buses and cars and bring out your bikes. There are many hazards driving a bike in this city but there is a day where bikes roam free. - The 5 Boro Bike Tour looks like a lot of fun of course comes through Brooklyn.

This year I am going to sign up!

Are you ready for the Tour? Stop by Grand Army Plaza (Brooklyn) for a free bike checkup with Five Borough Bicycle Club volunteer mechanics, and confer with NYC Department of Transportation experts about helmet safety.
Prospect Park Bike Clinic
Sat., April 14, 11:00-3:00


Deva said…
You write very well.