May 1, 2007

Best Burgers in Brooklyn!

DuMont, originally uploaded by Slice.

May 1st is the start of the most beautiful month of the year. The rain gives way to the flowers and the colors really push through the gray green hibernation of winter. Then the grills come out and the cows get sacrificed - all for our burger eating spring/summer rituals. Nothing compares to a fresh cheeseburger on the grill, a cold Corona with lime and seedless buns that absorb all of the juices. So spark up your grills and clean your backyards because daylight savings time is going to last even longer this year!

May is National Hamburger Month and in celebration of I have put together a list of the Best Burgers in Brooklyn.

Pit Stop (great with a game of Pentanque) (my Favorite!)
Schnack (Columbia Point)
Bonnies (Park Slope – Say hi to her for me!)
Salonike Diner (Smith Street - get the deluxe!)
Cafe Lafayette (Fort Greene)
Peter Luger’s (Williamsburg)
Chicory (Carroll Gardens – great place – cool owner!)
Relish (Williamsburg)
Gowanus Yacht Club (Carroll Gardens) (update - lost their grill!)
McDonald's (in your neighborhood)
Rhythm & Booze (Windsor Terrace)
Farm on Adderley (Ditmas Park)
Hope and Anchor (Red Hook)
67 Burger (Fort Greene)
Crave (Carroll Gardens)
Dumont (Williamsburg)
White Castle (Sunset Park – Don’t get thrown out!)
Bar Tabac (Smith Street)
Junior’s (Downtown Brooklyn)
WaterFront Ale House (Cobble Hill)
Ceol (Smith Street)

Did I miss any?


jb said...

I make a good vegan burger but there aren't any places in borough I know of (outside of my abode) that make anything comparable for veggies or vegans.

Anonymous said...

according to brooklyn record...gowanus yacht club has lost its grill - only boiled hot dogs are available

Hi-O said...

That stinks about the grill at Gowanus.

Anonymous said...

Cobble Hill Grill also has a great burger. Just take away, but very reliable.

Anonymous said...

Henry Street Alehouse (Henry & Cranberry(.

Anonymous said...

Does this list really hold water? You list Macdonalds?!

Jon Cronin said...

A cheeseburger from McDonalds while you are driving is blissful. I didn't say anything about the after effects of cheeseburgers. The first and middle parts are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Is the Sunset Park White Castle any better than all the other ones in Brooklyn?

In terms of what's missing, Diner in Williamsburg, Good Fork in Red Hook and Jack the Horse Tavern are all rank well above most of the (14!) spots I've tried on that list. Haven't done the burger at the Brooklyn location, but I imagine Blue Ribbon deserves a listing.

Anonymous said...

Not to nitpick, but technically, DuMont Burger is the place you want head to. DuMont Restaurant is the original home of the DuMont burger, but I would suggest (and I think most would agree) that their burger is now sub-par when compared to those of its offshoot DuMont Burger.

Jon Cronin said...

The link goes to Dumont Burger.

Mindy said...

Cocotte has a great "fancy" burger. Served with Morbier cheese and AWESOME fries, and nice a nice rustic roll that sops up the juice very well.

Jamie said...

Alchemy in the North Slope (upper 5th ave). Sure, it's a "gastropub" but they do have a great burger albeit on the fancy-pants side (shallot confit). Purists, don't hate.

janelle said...

dumont and dumont burger both serve the burger, but presumably there are more variations at the latter. depends on what ambiance you are going for.

they have at least 1 vegetarian burger i've tried at dB, the chickpea burger, but not sure if it is vegan.

Anonymous said...

Try the burger @ Sheep Station on 4th ave in the slope.. Australia at its best!

Anonymous said...

Dumont Burger has the best burger I have ever tasted. It is the only burger I have ever had cravings for.

dalton said...

I'll second Good Fork in Red Hook, and add Bar Tabac, on Smith Street. You get mayonnaise with your fries at Bar Tabac, too.

Jon Cronin said...

Bar Tabac is very good as well and it was on the list. I have eaten at Good Fork but not the burger. next time!

Anonymous said...

You know, Bay Ridge is in Brooklyn too, with real Brooklynites and everything... Must try truly awesome cheddar burger at Skinflints on 5th Avenue. Fries are consistently hot and fresh. Have both with beer. Finish with pecan pie. Your welcome.

Anonymous said...

Juicy kobe beef burger with crispy fries and 3 dipping sauces at "melt" Bergen Street off 5th avenue in North Slope. The secret is eat at the bar anytime, the price drops to $10 with great neighborhood bartenders to chat with.

cooksforbooks said...

Just had the burger at the Spotted Pig. I'd been hearing about it all week, and while it is an awesome place to sit and enjoy a beer (and the chicken liver toast is awesome), Melt on Bergen St. is a better burger. Melt makes an awesome burger. Simply put, it is awesome. Awesome. Try the aioli. It'll knock your pants off. I recommend the gruyere, cus te meat is so juicy and flavorful that anything sharper will get in the way. And dont screw around with those pickled red onions. I'm gonna have to tell them that those things are in the wrong place. But just once again .... Awesome. Oh and the fries? Need I say awesome again? Hey, if you like food, check out my blog. I'm a newbie, but I am gonna try to go for the gusto.

Anonymous said...

yes bay ridge has some great burgers, skinflints(79th & 5th) is probably the best, pipins pub (97&3rd) and kettle black(87&3rd)are also really good

Anonymous said...

Top Burger in Sheepshead Bay is thw best!