Best Italian Heroes - Carluccio's Brooklyn

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I am not talking about Firemen or the SuperFriends - I am speaking about the kind you eat with lots of salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. The original, the tastiest, the super long Italian Hero. Brooklyn has lots of Italians and lots of heroes but none can stack up to Carluccio's in Bensonhurst!

Here is an excerpt from a great article.

Since I was a Brooklyn kid sitting on a shady stoop between games of stickball, I've held a special place in my heart - and gut - for a really good Italian hero. And, hands-down, Carluccio's Brooklyn Italian Heroes on 15th Ave. and 78th St. in Bensonhurst makes the best hero in Brooklyn.

Don't believe me? Zagat gave it a 23. Ronnie Carluccio has been on "Emeril Live" four times, where the half-mad chef tried to extract his hero secrets. People travel from all over Brooklyn, Staten Island, Jersey, Connecticut just to get heroes or catering from Carluccio's.

"Anybody can stuff cold cuts between bread," says Ronnie Carluccio. "But the secret to our heroes is the seasoning. And our own mozzarella, the imported prosciutto and the very best virgin olive oil, and the spices, and the Boccia bread and the best tomatoes and toppings. All our meats come from our own butcher shop. Top quality. Made with Brooklyn pride."

"A hero gotta be made with love," says Charlie. "The way we love the people each hero is named after."


Brooklyn Salt said…
They featured this place on Scott Baio is 36 and Pregnant.

Yeah, I'll admit it. I watched it!