Best Ice Cream (or Frozen Treat) in Brooklyn!

uploaded by Chad Schneider.

Ice cream has always had a special place in my heart. As a young boy I was completely engulfed in the homemade ice cream scene. My parents decided to open an ice cream store in Jamaica Plain, Boston. The name of the store was “The Cone-Servatory” and it was delicious. The store did well for a few years but due to “Reganomics” killing many small businesses in the 80’s the store didn’t make it and for many years I wasn’t a huge fan of ice cream. Well that was then and this is Brooklyn! There are more than enough ice cream reasons to enjoy a cone of pure, yogurt “trugoy”, gelato and cannonballs in this generous borough.

I can’t get them all so please tell us your favorite from the list or one that we may have missed!

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Fulton Ferry Landing Pier (best view! best of citysearch)
Uncle Louie G 741 Union St – Great Italian Ices
Cream Kleins Ice, 3614 15th Av, Kensington
Ben & Jerry’s, 191 Atlantic Ave, Cobble Hill
L&B Spumoni Gardens; 2725 86th St (After a Slice!)
Tastytreet Ice Cream & Donuts, 509 Myrtle Ave
Cold Stone Creamery - 1877 86th St, Bath Beach
Blue Pig Brooklyn - 60 Henry Street, Brooklyn Heights
Oko - 152 5th Ave, Park SlopeDellorito's Grill and Creamery - 25 Jay Street, DUMBO
Jacques Torres Chocolate, 66 Water Street, DUMBO – Best Ice Cream Sandwich!
Ralph's Famous Italian Ices, 357 Graham Avenue, Williamsburg
Maggie Moos, 183 7th Ave Park Slope
Tasti D Lite, 193 Bedford Avenue (Tasteless but Waistless)
Dolly's Ices, Avenue U and 56th Street, Mill Basin
Anopoli Ice Cream Parlor and Family Restaurant, 6920 3rd Ave, Bay Ridge
Trois Pommes Patisserie, 260 Fifth Ave.
(nr. Garfield Place) Park Slope
The Ice Cream Man! All over Brooklyn! (my fun favorite!)


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Maggie Moo's is by far the BEST Ice Cream in Brooklyn !!
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