Best Wine Stores In Brooklyn

Married to a French woman changes your eating and drinking habits significantly. One of the best things is that the function of foods is no longer the main reason you eat. The social aspect of food and drink is more important than the fact that you are hungry and want to eat something. The expression "I'm Full" is considered vulgar because it implies that you eat and drink to fill up your belly and once you hit the F on the tank that was on E before you made it to the end. The act of buying wine is so important to the French that it can take up to thirty minutes to make a decision in the wine store (sometimes more). I find myself reading labels and trying to decide what I should get carefully because it is part of the fun but also it is important to understand what kinds of wine you are getting and why wine costs what it costs. There are a number of great wine stores in Brooklyn and I have put together a list of my favorites here for your enjoyment. Take your time a happy hunting!

I am sure everyone has their spot and I would love to hear from you!