Tatiana - Brighton Beach Brooklyn, Best Place to Transported

Many of us have passed by Tatiania when we walked down the boardwalk from Coney Island to Brighton Beach. Some of us have even stopped by to enjoy the stroganoff and salmon, on the boardwalk for a late afternoon lunch, but only a select few have ever made it to Tatiana for an evening of dancing, vodka, performance, people watching and food that never ends. A few weeks back, I finally had the opportunity to celebrate a birthday party, on a Friday night there and all I can say is that is was one of the best places I have ever been to. It was more than an event, it was an experience not to be missed for any lover of Brooklyn. Bring cash, friends and your appetite, but more importantly bring an open mind and enjoy!

Named after an Odessa beauty Tatiana, who is frequently seen making rounds in the exotic and grandiose restaurant. The Brighton Beach mystery of tradition unravels before your very eyes. I call it dinning with attitude. The scene that opens up is something out of a James Bond movie "From Russia with
Love". Its Sex in the City mixed in Sleepless on Brighton Beach. Vodka and Cognac pours like fountain Di Trevi in Rome.

Ladies hang on to your husbands and guys don't forget to shave, because there are plenty of people to impress. You do not need a red carpet invitation to see city's top fashion worn in style and such sex appeal that is even desired by many celebrities.

From the first glance you are transformed into a world of glamorous design, tasteful decorations,
overwhelming scenery and perfect lighting for those intimate moments. Tatiana's location is on of its
greatest attributes. The Restaurant sits on the Boardwalk with an exhilarating view of the Atlantic Ocean.