Woodwork - Best New Soccer Bar in Brooklyn

When you first meet Ross Greenberg you can't help noticing that he is a true local - friendly, talkative with a genuine Brooklyn demeanor. But if you chat with him while he prepares food for his soccer fanatic patrons, you begin to see that he has seen a lot of the world and knows what's what. He might tell you that he was an assistant to a famous French chef in the South of France or that he lived in Italy for a while working with chefs and then his place Woodwork all starts to make sense. Woodwork is not your ordinary Soccer bar. Ross descibes the bar as " a sexy soccer bar, serving foodie and footie fans alike". The menu is focused and delicious (try the waffles) - the beer, whiskeys and overall service is tight and friendly. The location Dean and Vanderbilt, in Prospect Heights, is truly the next new renaissance in Brooklyn and Ross's timing is perfect. There are many speculations about what they may build across the the street, in the South-Eastern tip of the Atlantic Yards project, but Ross (and many others) know that this neighborhood, in particular Vanderbilt Street is on it's way to the top. With it's proximity to Prospect Park, BAM, The Brooklyn Museum, Barclay's Arena, Botanical Gardens, Grand Army Plaza Farmers Market and Atlantic Center, Prospect Heights has become one of Brooklyn's exciting new neighborhoods. Woodwork will reap the benefits of this years WorldCup and he even has plans to hold street fairs dedicated to Soccer events on the Sunday's during the tournament. He says that Brooklyn is international and that Soccer is one of the greatest ways to truly bring other countries together, more than any other sport. The crowd in Woodwork represents this spirit, the spirit of Brooklyn - International and growing.
Here is a blurb from their website:

Located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, Woodwork is the brainchild of Chef Ross Greenberg, who teamed up with Master Wood Carpenter and beer enthusiast Eric Bernstein, a Prospect Heights resident, to build a sexy soccer bar, serving foodie and footie fanatics alike.
Soccer or Futbol is played amongst every culture and in every neighborhood, but this beautiful game has always been a big part of New York City. Even Prospect Heights-raised sports caster Howard Cossell was quoted in 1977 as saying,
"Soccer will be the biggest big league of all."

Have you been to Woodwork? What do you think?