7 Reasons why Prospect Heights is the Best Neighborhood in Brooklyn

1. Vanderbilt Avenue Food - This street is on fire! From the newly opened Chuko Restaurant , to the soon to open Sam Mason Empire Mayonnaise Shop, and anchorpoints Vanderbilt Restaurant and Milk bar, this street is now a top destination for foodies 7 days a week.
2. Access to Culture - Prospect Park, Brooklyn Museum, Botanical Gardens, Prospect Park Zoo and Carousel, BAM, Barclay’s Center, to name a few! You name it Prospect Heights has it.
3. Relative Affordability - compared to neighborhoods like Fort Greene, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens, Prospect Heights offers a range of homes options and a lot less clutter.
4. The Sidewalks are huge! Vanderbilt street is like a four lane highway for people, you don’t have to battle baby strollers like you do on Court or Smith Streets.
5. The Light! - You have wider streets and open spaces that give the neighborhood an unforgettable feeling at dawn and dusk that is unparalleled in the area.
6. The People! - The people in Prospect Heights are just cool. They are not trendy or hipsters or boring, but a perfect mix of cultures, countries and styles, all blending together around the beauty, the history, and the future of the neighborhood.
7. Growth - Everywhere you look in Prospect Heights you see things growing, trees, businesses are popping up, established businesses are updating their image, institutions like Mitchell's and Tom’s Restaurant are expanding and Washington Avenue is ripe with action and opportunity.