Best New International Bookstore in Brooklyn

Brooklyn continues to expand and the latest addition to the mix is IDLEWILD. IDLEWILD Brooklyn is part international bookstore & part language course. If you have been to their location on 19th street in Manhattan than you know that this is the spot for international literature. 
They offer French, Spanish and Italian courses that last 10 weeks. They all focus on speaking and comprehension.  People can register for courses online or in person (
Next door to the language courses they have the bookstore which holds 5,000 titles in all three language with everything from the classic Tintin to popular contemporary titles, chick lit and lesser-known authors. You will still find, however, some books in English and dual language books for learners of all ages.
IdleWild Brooklyn
249 Warren Street (x Court)
Cobble Hill, Brooklyn


Wow, 5000 titles in 3 languages at a time. I think there are just few bookstores that have collections like it. A good place for learning as well visiting place in Brooklyn, New York.