Best Restaurants on Court Street, Brooklyn

making Suzanne's quesadilla, originally uploaded by pastoralia2002.

I live between Court and Smith Streets in Brooklyn. I am a little closer to Court - so - I spend more time there especially in the winter. We all know that there is a big difference between Court Street and Smith Street restaurants but for me Court Street is much more relaxed and the people make an effort to know your name (yes there are way more babies as well). I have put together a list of my favorite restaurants on Court Street ranked in order of top to bottom.

1. Sweet Melissa (Best Quiche and Tea)
2. Joya (Best Thai/Deal)
3. Cube 63 (Best Garden)
4. Osaka (Best Modern Japanese)
5. Miriam (Get the Crispy Dough at Brunch)
6. Sam’s Restaurant (Best place to feel like you will get whacked)
7. Lobo (Best Huevos Rancheros)
8. Quercy (Best French on Court)
9. Layla Jones (Best Pizza on Court)
10. South American Summer Food Tents (at the end of Court during the Summer Football Matches – Best Empanada’s, Taco’s and Corn)


Brooks of Sheffield said…
Funny, but you're right, the very new Layla Jones may indeed be the best pizza joint on Court. But I fear it's by default. So many of Court's standbys have close in the past few years, includuing Leonardo's and--a particular favorite of mine--Mola.
Lisanne said…
I miss Leonardo's soooooooooooooooooo much. The family was nice, the menu simple, the pizza excellent and the prices were from the 1970's. i don't think TimeOut EVER mentioned it so it was unscathed by the masses, they didn't need them anyway, they had tons of regulars. It was one of summers pleasures to sit on the patio at night and have a cold limocello or chilled red wine. Oh well, at least the family owned the building and actually made a profit from renting to Dunkin' Donuts, although i refuse to go there!

Mola's Pizza was nothing special to me, Giardini's on Smith & 2nd makes an excellent pie(i know we are talking Court here but i digress.....)
Anonymous said…
Yes, I miss Mola and Leonardo's too, and while Layla Jones is okay, My Little Pizzeria (way down on the other side of Atlantic) is the best pizza on Court.
Hi-O said…
As far as slices go - My Little Pizzeria has the top spot. But for fresh baked pies I would go to Layla Jones.
Anonymous said…
I didn't think Osaka was that great. I got the omakase and the fish didn't taste as fresh as I'm used to. Maybe it's because I went on a Monday night. Miso, salad and ice cream were excellent, though.
Hi-O said…
Osaka can be a bit loud with the house music sometimes as well. Sushi on Monday is not usually a good call. I usually go to Cube 63 because the food is simple and delicious.